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Myself Avikant Saini,
Stack Developer, UI/UX Designer, &
Final Year Undergraduate Student.


More About Me.

I hail from the town of Lucknow, India, where I graduated high-school from City Montessori School in 2013, two months before turning 16. Interested in multimedia and content creation which really took off when I took a year off from academic course work. It was when I discovered the world of software development, and have been creating stuff since. Twelve months and failed "CS in IIT" prepration later, I joined an undergraduate course in Computer Science at Manipal Institute of Technology, from which I will be graduating in 2018.

During my time in college I have worked on projects for several clients, created a bunch of cool stuff, coded all night at hackathons, took workshops, organized events publicized solutions, made art, etc.

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What I Do.

  • App Development

    I do stack development of mobile and desktop applications, and have over two years of experience in iOS development with various live products.

  • Backend Development

    I have adequate experience with backend development, having worked on APIs, and maintaining three of them.

  • UI/UX Design

    I know my way around a photo-editing and design. I do most of my applications' design myself. I have sufficient experience with design tools.

  • Photo/Video

    Enthusiast, I take product shots, make and process promo videos, apart from abstract and surreal photographs and movies.


Fairly Diverse Set Of

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... Design, Prototyping, Augmented Reality, Scripting, Automation, mBaaS, Web API, AWS, Audio Mixing, Photography, Video Processing, Memes; and the usual stuff, Java, C/C++, JS, SQL, POSIX, Shell, etc.


Ah, here comes the fun stuff...

Intelligent smart assistant that operates via SMS service. National level finalists at Microsoft's SHOWCASE, 2017.
AcadAccelerator Page. Video (Academia Accelerator cut). More. Video.

Add customized text to popular images, or choose your own, share with the world. Pick from a collection of memes, or provide your own image, edit the text and text properties and share with friends and the internet.
API. iTunes Store. Mac App Store.

The official app for Revels in MIT, Manipal. This app is extremely useful to keep track of all the events and also get the results on the go.
GitHub. iTunes Store. Video.

An attempt to clone the basic functionality of Samaritan from CBS' Person of Interest.
iOS Application. AI.

The only app you need for managing all your TV Shows. Designed exclusively for macOS, this helps you to follow your favorite TV Series, discover new ones, and rename episodes..
More. Mac App Store.

ResearchKit based health, fitness and training tracking application made in less than 24 hours at AngelHack (Manipal), 2016 with @shubhsin and @ykl7.

Music based chat application made in less than 24 hours for the Microsoft's campus hackathon, 201 with @shubhsin and @ykl7.

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