Lesser Known Science Fiction Series



A collection of amazing, often under-rated, lesser known science fiction series.

Quench your thirst for more science fiction with the collection of these less popular series.

Lesser known science fiction series collection

Gravity Falls

Why did this end so soon. WHY ALEX! One of the best animated series.

For All Mankind

Technically this is more drama and politics than science fiction. But a great series nonetheless (minus some uncomfortable drama, *cough*). One of Apple TV's best!


You can't take the sky from me! This came out 10 years too early, and ended up getting the unfortunate cancellation treatment.


A very thrilling, grounded, low science fiction series. JK Simmons is great in the lead, and so are the series' supporting cast. A must watch for science fiction and thriller fans alike.

Orphan Black

Before she was hulking out, she was excellent in the various clone roles this series is famous for. Great science fiction!


Strange, addicting and weird. Decent watch. Also RIP Lance.


Westworld: the prequel? Sort of, but also no. Great show with good casting!

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Season 1 only (S02 was not that good)

Inside Job

Everything is a conspiracy. The deep state is real! Not a bad watch!


This is quite fun. Classic Armando Iannucci comedy! Shame this too was cancelled.

Raised by Wolves

This is weird, weird show.


Solid high science fiction entry from Alex Garland (Ex-Machina).

The Peripheral

Decent enough series.


Pretty good entry from the Wachowskis, also pretty steamy at times!

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