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Cover image for Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy
GAMES7 months ago
This single player adventure title features one of the best versions of the guardians in a compelling storyline with jaw dropping environments, visuals and 80s soundtrack. Even though it falls short in combat, I'll recommend this for the dialog and quips alone.
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Cover image for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Watch Guide
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Watch Guide
TV3 weeks ago
Set on a space station overlooking a wormhole, Deep Space Nine is considered one of the best trek series, featuring plentiful good stories. This list covers the most essential DS9 episodes for rewatch or to catch up on.
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Cover image for Setting up a Home Media Server
Setting up a Home Media Server
TECH1 hour ago
Setup a home media server in minutes with your existing or "ripped" library of content.
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