Following are some projects I’ve taken up during my college years. I hope to continue building indie applications for entertainment and utility.

Currently I’m working with Thinkerbell Labs with a goal towards inclusive education.



Intelligent smart assistant that operates via SMS service. National level finalists at Microsoft's SHOWCASE, 2017.

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Meme Maker, Launched Jan 2016 (iOS), Jul 2016 (Mac)

Meme Maker, Launched Jan 2016 (iOS), Jul 2016 (Mac)

Meme Maker

Started as an app dev project for the iPhone, back in first year of college, 2014, Meme Maker has since been ported to Mac, due to lack of meme making applications on the platform, and has scored about 20000 downloads on the store.

“Add customized text to popular images, or choose your own, share with the world. Pick from a collection of memes, or provide your own image, edit the text and text properties and share with friends and the internet.”

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An attempt to clone the basic functionality of Samaritan from CBS' Person of Interest. Project was scrapped since we got busy with school, but it did churn out an amazing UI to “emulate” Samaritan on the phone.



ResearchKit based health, fitness and training tracking application made in less than 24 hours at AngelHack (Manipal), 2016.


ATV Series, Launched Sep 2015

ATV Series, Launched Sep 2015

ATV Series

Being a serial binger for all things geeky, and absence of TV show tracking applications on the Mac App Store, ATV series was made. Though I haven’t updated it in a while, it still continues to sell on the Store

“The only app you need for managing all your TV Shows. Designed exclusively for macOS, this helps you to follow your favorite TV Series, discover new ones, and rename episodes.”

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Made on a lazy weekend during summer break to test out the all new Apple’s “ARKIT” in 2017, this fun game allows the player to hit papers on various cubes of one of our professors with initials SRP, as a gag since he was obsessed with them.



A music based chat application made in 24 hours at Microsoft's hackathon, 2015.



MIT Revels

The official app for Revels in MIT, Manipal, 2017. This app is extremely useful to keep track of all the events and also get the results on the go.

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