Top 10 Movies of 2019



Personal favorite films from 2019.

Top 10: 2019 Edition

Doctor Sleep

0 min

Damn Danny grew up to be Obi Frakkin Wan!

Alita Battle Angel

0 min

Great visuals and action.

Knives Out

0 min

A mystery detective flick is always a great watch, especially with a star cast.


0 min

Cinematography on this one is great.

The Lion King

0 min

Holy smokes CGI.

John Wick 3

0 min

Who doesn't like an action flick every once in a while. Plus this one has attack dogs!


0 min

Not really one shot, but the effect is great. Plot and setting is not bad either.

Ford v Ferrari

0 min

Only thing this is missing is James May as the narrator.

Avengers Endgame

0 min

Phase 4 will never be this good *cries*.

Jojo Rabbit

0 min

This is as dark as it is hilarious. A must watch.

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