Summer 2023 watch list



Summer's here, and it's time to explore new content and catch up on some old and recently discovered ones.

Summer 2023 watch list

Fast X

0 min

Fast-X-your seat-belts! Ridiculousness now dialed to 11!

Secret Invasion

A very weak entry in the MCU; Even Samuel Jackson can't save it, him being not allowed to curse on how horrible this whole thing was!

The Witcher Season 3

Eeesh, no wonder Hunka-Cavill left the show! What a let-down; Still not as bad as GOT S8!

Black Mirror Season 6

*Bleak* mirror is back, with only 'Beyond the Sea' reaching the highs. Rest of this season was pretty average.

The Machine

0 min

Quite fun actually. Mar🐫 is a treat as usual.

Monster Hunter

0 min

Surprisingly entertaining, though I have not played the games to compare.

Ted Lasso Season 3

Futbol is back (sort of). Decent season, not something to binge, but pretty good nonetheless.

John Wick Chapter 4

0 min

John Wick faces his greatest enemy — stairs!

Star Wars Visions

This is one of the better ones of the countless SW series Disney is popping out! Love me some animated anthologies

Asteroid City

0 min

Like Augie says 'I don't understand this'. A strange, strange film riding on the backs of a huge cast.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds

SNW is turning out to be one of my favorite ST series! This season is great, covering all sorts of episodes from humorous LD crossovers to serious high science fiction concepts; from classic courtroom dramas to musicals!


A very thrilling, grounded, low science fiction series. JK Simmons is great in the lead, and so are the series' supporting cast. A must watch for science fiction and thriller fans alike.

Prehistoric Planet

Attenborough is back again with this life-like recreation of Deeeenos!

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